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As per planning all 30 tanks for Barcelona have been loaded on the planned vessels.
Being this a financial year ending and as per the port conditions the task seemed a bit difficult but your team members were very attentive & proactive. The employees I interacted with, especially Mr. Kunal & Mr. Praveen has managed the pressure and performed very well.
On behalf of Jubilant, we would like to thank you for this excellent service you & your team provided us during past couple of weeks. We must appreciate that the job was done without any much hassles. We deeply appreciate all of your efforts to make it a great success.
We look forward to working with you in the coming year and with the same kind of service.


Gaurav Goel
Deputy Manager- Export Logistics

Thanks for all your efforts. We appreciate it. GOOD WORK DONE.

Savari Raj
Manager – Contracts & Purchase, Shoft Shipyard Pvt. Ltd.,
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