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Logistics Solution

MPT LOGISTICS has a range of services focused on certain highly specific supply chain requirements, as well as those, which address the unique needs of niche sectors and major industries.
Working Where Our Customers Are
Our logistics management specialists are committed to serving our customers anywhere, meeting the needs of leading suppliers, manufacturers and retailers around the globe.
Enhance customer service and increase sales
We will meet or exceed your service requirements, including one-hour delivery of critical items
Improve material velocity
Our flexible logistics network is configured to reduce handling and increase the availability of your finished goods and repair inventory
Reduce Inventory Lag Time
Our cross-dock operations consolidate and ship your materials immediately so they don't waste time—and money—sitting on shelves. We sequence the in- and outflow of commodities with manufacturing schedules, manage containers and take care of packaging and repackaging so you can focus on production.
Ship Efficiently and Expand the Bottom Line
On-time delivery is critical in our business, and we consistently meet our customers' requirements. With cost, service and punctuality always at the forefront. We identify the best freight modes for your needs, consolidate shipments, manage carriers, and optimize air, sea and ground routes.
Cross Borders with Ease
We ensure regulatory and shipment compliance every step of the way and facilitate cross-border and customs clearance. Our comprehensive services include rate negotiation, claims management and freight payment and audit.
A Tradition of Award-Winning Solutions
Our logistics solutions have been recognized by both our customers and the industries we serve.

Our Aftermarket Management capabilities include reverse logistics for finished units, waste material and component spare parts.  Elements include:

  1. Customer service
  2. Return material authorization management & visibility
  3. Environmental program-related collection, waste management & recycling
  4. Transportation management
  5. Level-one screening
  6. Re-working, repairing or recycling
  7. Repackaging
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